About the knifemaker

My name is Jette Bybjerg, I am one of Denmark's few female knifemakers.

I hold a batchelor's degree in civil engineering and I'm currently between jobs. Knifemaking is a hobby of mine which has been ongoing since 1999. My annual production is not very big due to lack of time and a passion for playing the electric bass which also takes quite some time ;-)

Although my production is not that big I make efforts to produce the best knife every time. I use various kinds of handle material, with wood being the most frequent one, I also use bone, stag, plastic, micarta and G10 among others.

I use blades from well-known Danish and Swedish knife smiths or knife grinders; I also have intentions of grinding my own blades, but I am not yet satisfied with my grinding results and until then I will only use blades from established blade-makers for my knives.